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E-12 40c 4s 10s 20s 40s 2m 3m20s 10m 20m 40m 2h 3h20m 8h E-12
E-14 46.7c 4.67s 11.67s 23.33s 46.67s 2m20s 3m53s 11m40s 23m20s 46m40s 2h20m 3h53m 9h20m E-14
D-12 48c 4.8s 12s 24s 48s 2m24s 4m 12m 24m 48m 2h24m 4h 9h36m D-12
E-15 50c 5s 12.5s 25s 50s 2m30s 4m10s 12m30s 25m 50m 2h30m 4h10m 10h E-15
E-16 53.3c 5.33s 13.33s 26.67s 53.3s 2m40s 4m27s 13m20s 26m40s 53m20s 2h40m 4h27m 10h40m E-16
D-14 56c 5.6s 14s 28s 56s 2m48s 4m40s 14m 28m 56m 2h48m 4h40m 11h12m D-14
C-12 1s 6s 15s 30s 60s 3m 5m 15m 30m 60m 3h 5h 12h C-12
D-16 64c 6.4s 16s 32s 64s 3m12s 5m20s 16m 32m 64m 3h12m 5h20m 12h48m D-16
E-20 66.7c 6.67s 16.67s 33.33s 66.67s 3m20s 5m33s 16m40s 33m20s 66m40s 3h20m 5h33m 13h20m E-20
C-14 70c 7s 17.5s 35s 70s 3m30s 5m50s 17m30s 35m 70m 3h30m 5h50m 14h C-14
D-18 72c 7.2s 18s 36s 72s 3m36s 6m 18m 36m 72m 3h36m 6h 14h24m D-18
E-22 73.3c 7.33s 18.33s 36.67s 73.33s 3m40s 6m7s 18m20s 36m40s 73m20s 3h40m 6h7m 14h40m E-22
C-15 75c 7.5s 18.75s 37.5s 75s 3m45s 6m15s 18m45s 37m30s 75m 3h45m 6h15m 15h C-15
B-12 80c 8s 20s 40s 80s 4m 6m40s 20m 40m 80m 4h 6h40m 16h B-12
E-26 86.7c 8.67s 21.67s 43.33s 86.67s 4m20s 7m13s 21m40s 43m20s 86m40s 4h20m 7h13m 17h20m E-26
D-22 88c 8.8s 22s 44s 88s 4m24s 7m20s 22m 44m 88m 4h24m 7h20m 17h36m D-22
C-18 90c 9s 22.5s 45s 90s 4m30s 7m30s 22m30s 45m 90m 4h30m 7h30m 18h C-18
B-14 93.3c 9.33s 23.33s 46.67s 93.33s 4m40s 7m47s 23m20s 46m40s 93m20s 4h40m 7h47m 18h40m B-14
D-24 96c 9.6s 24s 48s 96s 4m48s 8m 24m 48m 96m 4h48m 8h 19h12m D-24
B-15 100c 10s 25s 50s 100s 5m 8m20s 25m 50m 100m 5h 8h20m 20h B-15
D-26 104c 10.4s 26s 52s 104s 5m12s 8m40s 26m 52m 104m 5h12m 8h40m 20h48m D-26
B-16 106.7c 10.67s 26.67s 53.33s 106.7s 5m20s 8m54s 26m40s 53m20s 106m40s 5h20m 8h54m 21h20m B-16
C-22 110c 11s 27.5s 55s 110s 5m30s 9m10s 27m30s 55m 110m 5h30m 9h10m 22h C-22
D-28 112c 11.2s 28s 56s 112s 5m36s 9m20s 28m 56m 112m 5h36m 9h20m 22h24m D-28
E-34 113.3c 11.33s 28.33s 56.67s 113.3s 5m40s 9m27s 28m20s 56m40s 113m20s 5h40m 9h27m 22h40m E-34
A-12 2s 12s 30s 60s 2m 6m 10m 30m 60m 2h 6h 10h 24h A-12
D-32 2s8c 12.78s 32s 64s 128s 6m24s 10m40s 32m 64m 2h8m 6h24m 10h40m 25h36m D-32
C-26 2s10c 13s 32.5s 65s 130s 6m30s 10m50s 32m30s 65m 2h10m 6h30m 10h50m 26h C-26
B-20 2s12c 13.2s 33.33s 66.67s 133.3s 6m40s 11m7s 33m20s 66m40s 2h13m 6h40m 11h7m 26h40m B-20
D-34 2s16c 13.56s 34s 68s 136s 6m48s 11m20s 34m 68m 2h16m 6h48m 11h20m 27h12m D-34
A-14 2s20c 14s 35s 70s 140s 7m 11m40s 35m 70m 2h20m 7h 11h40m 28h A-14
D-36 2s24c 14.4s 36s 72s 144s 7m12s 12m 36m 72m 2h24m 7h12m 12h 28h48m D-36
B-22 2s27c 14.7s 36.67s 73.33s 146.7s 7m20s 12m13s 36m40s 73m20s 2h27m 7h20m 12h13m 29h20m B-22
A-15 2s30c 15s 37.5s 75s 150s 7m30s 12m30s 37m30s 75m 2h30m 7h30m 12h30m 30h A-15
A-16 2s40c 16s 40s 80s 160s 8m 13m20s 40m 80m 2h40m 8h 13h20m 32h A-16
C-34 2s50c 17s 42.5s 85s 170s 8m30s 14m10s 42m30s 85m 2h50m 8h30m 14h10m 34h C-34
B-26 2s52c 17.2s 43.33s 86.67s 173.3s 8m40s 14m27s 43m20s 86m40s 2h53m 8h40m 14h27m 34h40m B-26
A-18 3s 18s 45s 90s 3m 9m 15m 45m 90m 3h 9h 15h 36h A-18
B-28 3s7c 18.7s 46.67s 93.33s 186.7s 9m20s 15m33s 46m40s 93m20s 3h7m 9h20m 15h33m 37h20m B-28
A-20 3s20c 20s 50s 100s 200s 10m 16m40s 50m 100m 3h20m 10h 16h40m 40h A-20
B-32 3s33c 21.3s 53.33s 106.7s 213.4s 10m40s 17m47s 53m20s 106m40s 3h33m 10h40m 17h47m 42h40m B-32
A-22 3s40c 22s 55s 110s 220s 11m 18m20s 55m 110m 3h40m 11h 18h20m 44h A-22
B-34 3s47c 22.7s 56.67s 113.3s 226.7s 11m20s 18m53s 56m40s 113m20s 3h47m 11h20m 18h53m 45h20m B-34
A-24 4s 24s 60s 2m 4m 12m 20m 60m 2h 4h 12h 20h 48h A-24
A-26 4s20c 26s 65s 130s 260s 13m 21m40s 65m 2h10m 4h20m 13h 21h40m 52h A-26
A-28 4s40c 28s 70s 140s 280s 14m 23m20s 70m 2h20m 4h40m 14h 23h20m 56h A-28
A-30 5s 30s 75s 150s 5m 15m 25m 75m 2h30m 5h 15h 25h 60h A-30
A-32 5s20c 32s 80s 160s 320s 16m 26m40s 80m 2h40m 5h20m 16h 26h40m 64h A-32
A-34 5s40c 34s 85s 170s 340s 17m 28m20s 85m 2h50m 5h40m 17h 28h20m 68h A-34
A-36 6s 36s 90s 3m 6m 18m 30m 90m 3h 6h 18h 30h 72h A-36

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Because of the increased torque encountered with multi-switch cam timers in the rapid time cycles, the Series MC-0 and RC-0 timers require High Torque Motors (HTM).  This is also true of some MC-1 and RC-1 timers.  (See vertical shaded area of chart.)

To determine the need of an HTM in the Series MC-1 and RC-1, multiply required time cycle in seconds by 2/3.  The answer will be the maximum number of switches that can be operated with a standard timing motor; e.g. time cycle 15 seconds, 2/3 x 15s=10.  10 switches can be operated at 15 seconds with a standard timing motor, more than 10 load switches will require the use of an HTM.

If there is any doubt relative to the use of an HTM, consult factory.  Note that the C-12 Gear Rack (horizontal shaded area of the chart) provides a cam rotation speed directly proportional to the motor output; e.g. MC-6=1 revolution in 5 minutes.  Also, the letter C which signifies CYCLES = 1/60th of a second.

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